Wm.DEAN inside look!

circa WmDEAN

Our aesthetic is high polished cabochon gemstones, vintage coins and found objects. We utilize Sterling Silver and Bronze among other fine metals. Circa WmDEAN is everything past and present that you love about men’s accessories, jewelry and fashion accessories. To own one of our handmade originals is to be knighted personally by WmDEAN, the KING of Handmade Cufflinks. 

WmDEAN IS PERFECT for avid collectors and resellers. Great for Groom and Groomsmen at the Wedding

WmDEAN is PERFECT for....

Avid Collectors; Re-sellers; Father‘s Day; Weddings; Groomsmen Gifts; Formal Events; Corporate Gifts; Graduations; Prom; Birthdays; Anniversaries; and other Holidays and Special Occasions.

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